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I believe children are bright, alert, flexible little creatures that can readily discern the joy of illusion from true reality when reaching a certain age and maturity. They most often will not hold a grudge against parents for creating wonderful memories of the Christmas holidays.
This is not to say, Christmas should be materialistic and all about gifts and sweets! Telling the story of Christ’s birth is essential from the time a child is small, but continuing the story of gift giving and sharing with the poor isn’t all bad either. After all, it is a true story about a man named St. Nicholas of Myrna who was born to wealthy Christian parents, and died around 350 AD. After his parents passed, he inherited their wealth and had such compassion for the poor that he began dropping large sums of money down chimneys in the night, (when coals had extinguished) to those in need during Christ’s Mass…..later known as Christmas.
The name Santa Claus is the American version of what the Dutch called him when they started immigrating to America in the early 1800’s.

Below I have listed Pros and Cons of the argument over telling children about the Santa of old, or (when they are too small to understand the true story,) letting them believe in Santa of today.

PROS……..Telling children there is a fat man in a red suit, living at the North Pole with his wife and a bunch of elves in green suits, working diligently all year to prepare gifts to be delivered on Christmas Eve to well behaved little boys and girls is not harmful to children because: (Boy that was a mouthful!)

A) It is a lovely fantasy to the creative and suggestive mind of adolescent children.
B) It is as equal and wonderful in a child’s make-believe world as reading Hans Christian Anderson books to them.
C) Children need less ‘Reality TV’ and more light-hearted fun activities in their early lives.
D) Children are too young to comprehend the true meaning of why Christians celebrate Christmas.
CONS…….However, some people believe it is harmful because:
A) It is a lie that teaches children it is okay to be dishonest for the sake of fun and frivolity.
B) It makes children insecure when they realize their own parents deceived them with the story of Santa Claus.
C) Children need to be prepared early for the reality of what awaits them as adults coping in the world.
D) If children are taught make-believe about celebrating Christmas, some Christians believe they won’t conceive of the idea of it truly being a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
As for me, ol’ Granny Tam, I think I missed a lot because my father was a realist in hard times, and wouldn’t let us believe our meager gifts came from Santa Claus but from his hard working hands. I understand why now, but for all the joy it would have given my brothers and I in an otherwise severe existence, what harm could it have done? I personally think it was almost cruel to deprive us of that belief, and have to swear us to secrecy in not telling our playmates or family members the truth.
Sadly, we were not Christians as children so that was not the concern a lot of parents have today; if they lie to their children about a fantasy such as Santa Claus, it may lead their children not to believe the story of our savior, Jesus Christ, when they tell the children about the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
But lighten up folks, and have a joyous Christmas with the little ones. You’ll prosper from the sheer delight in their eyes on Christmas morning thinking ol’ fat Santa and his reindeer brought them some presents, (even if there are but a few gifts under the tree.) You don’t need to buy their joy and happiness with mountains of toys. That only confuses children. One gift from you, and one from grandparents and other family members is quite enough.
Have a Merry Christmas this season, and don’t forget to keep Christ in the celebration, and in your hearts all year long.

Written by Granny Tam

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Snowman Waving From the Top of The World My vote is to have Christmas traditions all year round. You see at Christmas time most people at least the ones I have met, always change just a little for the better around Christmas. I do not know whether or not it is the great yuletide Christmas carols, the festive atmosphere everywhere you go, or just some hidden part in all of us that screams out,
You see, somewhere deep down inside we all believe in something better than we now have or see, and most of us feel a lot better when we help someone. Whether the person is in need or not, this feeling is what I call the feeling of Christmas, and we all should strive to feel this way all year long.

The feeling of the Christmas holidays is truly all about family, friends and celebrating all things good.

The Lord's birthday is swiftly coming
Christmas carols we're merrily humming,
Adoration and harmony spreads worldwide
As we eagerly await the happy Yuletide.

Enhance your Christmas, with Christmas poems and stories highlighted with your favorite Christmas carols. Christmas traditions are fast becoming a family way of life.
Poems are a simple way of inspiring others to join in on the Christmas traditions that love and poems bring to this Christmas holiday.

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