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It has been debated for centuries whether December 25th is truly the day of Christ’s birth, but it is a futile argument because the bible makes no reference as to the season, day, or month our Lord actually was born…
The truth about why Christians chose that particular date to celebrate His birth comes from the early church. December 25th was the day Roman pagans celebrated the birth of their Sun God. The early church wanted this celebration replaced with the birth of the one true God, Jesus Christ, so they started celebrating His birth on the same day as the pagans.
Theologically, it does not matter when His actual birth took place, nor the day we celebrate it. That He was born to save mankind from sin is what remains the real reason we need this day of remembrance.

Virgin Birth

Angels Watching Over Babe Jesus

The virgin birth is crucially important! Christ being the Son of God could not be born to one already married or it could honestly, (with great merit) be argued that He was not of God but the husband of the woman giving Him birth. Thus, God chose the virgin to be Mary, (a young, teenaged girl) betrothed to an older gentleman, Joseph. As described in bible scriptures. (Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23, and Luke 1:27, 34)
Visited by the Angel Gabriel, in response to Mary’s query, “How can this be?” (When she was told she would give birth to the Son of God, knowing she was a virgin.) The Angel answered, “The Holy Ghost will come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee.” (Luke 1:35)
The Angel also encouraged Joseph not to turn his face from Mary for she was a virgin though expecting, “That which is conceived is of the Holy Spirit.” He told Joseph to wed Mary, and take her from the place where she was known in order to avoid her persecution. (Matthew 1:20) Women were stoned for being unwed and with child in biblical times. That might not be such a bad idea for modern times either, says Granny Tam!
Matthew also states, “The Virgin Mary was found to be with child.” (Matthew 1:18,) and (Galatians 4:4) teaches the virgin birth by saying, “God sent forth His Son, made of woman.”
From these passages it is certainly made clear, the birth of Jesus was the result of the Holy Ghost working within Mary. The Immaterial (Holy Spirit) and the material (Mary’s womb) were to be the miracle of Christ’s birth. Mary was the vessel, chosen by God, to be mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Denying the physical birth would be to deny Jesus was human. Scripture tells us, Jesus was both God incarnate and very much a human being. (John 1:14, Timothy 3:16, and Hebrews 2:14-17.) However Jesus was NOT born with a sinful nature because sinful nature is passed generation to generation through sins of the fathers. Being born of God the Father and the Virgin Mary circumvented the transmission of having a sin nature. This allowed eternal God, Jesus Christ, to become sinless–perfect man. Get it?
Okay, so now that you know why we celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th, and why we know Him to be God born of the Virgin Mary, are there any more questions? I thought not…
Just remember what this Holy Season is really all about, and celebrate it in a special way—giving God the glory. Tell your children the true message of Christ’s birth, and that through His grace we are saved from sin.
Celebrate with love in your hearts and not piles of gifts. Teach the young to give to charities, the church, the elderly, and neighbors less fortunate. This is the message we should pass on to others about the true circumstances and meaning of Christ’s birth no matter what day we celebrate it.

Merry Christmas

Written by Granny Tam


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Snowman Waving From the Top of The World My vote is to have Christmas traditions all year round. You see at Christmas time most people at least the ones I have met, always change just a little for the better around Christmas. I do not know whether or not it is the great yuletide Christmas carols, the festive atmosphere everywhere you go, or just some hidden part in all of us that screams out,
You see, somewhere deep down inside we all believe in something better than we now have or see, and most of us feel a lot better when we help someone. Whether the person is in need or not, this feeling is what I call the feeling of Christmas, and we all should strive to feel this way all year long.

The feeling of the Christmas holidays is truly all about family, friends and celebrating all things good.

The Lord's birthday is swiftly coming
Christmas carols we're merrily humming,
Adoration and harmony spreads worldwide
As we eagerly await the happy Yuletide.

Enhance your Christmas, with Christmas poems and stories highlighted with your favorite Christmas carols. Christmas traditions are fast becoming a family way of life.
Poems are a simple way of inspiring others to join in on the Christmas traditions that love and poems bring to this Christmas holiday.

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