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Christmas Peekers

One week before Christmas 1957, my two brothers and I were excited and anxious to see what was in the few meager packages under our spindly Christmas tree, adorned in silver icicle-tinsel, and homemade colored garland rings we children fashioned at school.

The perfect opportunity to peek into our gifts arose when Mom and Dad had a bowling tournament to attend one evening that week. I was to be left in charge because I was the eldest at twelve, my brothers, eleven and six. We knew just how long our parents would be away, so we secretly devised a plan the night before they were to leave. We contrived to open all our gifts and then re-wrap them before their return after bowling.

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Spitting in our hands and shaking on it, we made a pact never to tell a soul or we’d most likely get the punishment we deserved. The plan was set in motion when the folks left the house. We opened our gifts, played with them, then returned each to their designated boxes, carefully rewrapping every item and replacing the cute, little Santa nametags. We thought we had pulled off the perfect Christmas caper!
However, when Christmas morning arrived, we gathered ‘round the tree and began opening gifts, trying desperately to act surprised.

We actually did fool Mom and Dad, but the occasion was not half so exciting and heartwarming as it would have been without the pre-Christmas peeking…

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Merry Christmas

Christmas Peekers written by Tamara Hillman.

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Snowman Waving From the Top of The World My vote is to have Christmas traditions all year round. You see at Christmas time most people at least the ones I have met, always change just a little for the better around Christmas. I do not know whether or not it is the great yuletide Christmas carols, the festive atmosphere everywhere you go, or just some hidden part in all of us that screams out,
You see, somewhere deep down inside we all believe in something better than we now have or see, and most of us feel a lot better when we help someone. Whether the person is in need or not, this feeling is what I call the feeling of Christmas, and we all should strive to feel this way all year long.

The feeling of the Christmas holidays is truly all about family, friends and celebrating all things good.

The Lord's birthday is swiftly coming
Christmas carols we're merrily humming,
Adoration and harmony spreads worldwide
As we eagerly await the happy Yuletide.

Enhance your Christmas, with Christmas poems and stories highlighted with your favorite Christmas carols. Christmas traditions are fast becoming a family way of life.
Poems are a simple way of inspiring others to join in on the Christmas traditions that love and poems bring to this Christmas holiday.

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