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Christmas Waltz by Tamara Hillman

‘White Christmas’ was playing,
Bing sang soft and mellow,
as we waltzed ‘round the room—
I was such a proud fellow.

The rug was rolled back,
and chairs set aside
as on top of my shoes
tiny feet could then glide.

‘Round our tree we did go
as those bright colored lights
spilled thru’ frosted windows
onto snow in the night.

We continued to dance—
we twirled and we bowed
as I promised myself
and my partner out loud—

I would never forget
those moments divine,
or think it quite silly
with passage of time.

For I knew, darling daughter,
you’d grow and take wing,
celebrate your own Christmas,
and the flurry it brings.

But once in awhile
will you stop and take rest,
think of your old dad,
and how I loved you best?

Remember our dancing
as time slips away,
and those long ago waltzes
we shared Christmas Day.

Tamara Hillman

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