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Christmas In Austria

Franz Xaver Gruber
This man composed it.

What famous Christmas song was written in Austria?
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Christmas Musical Notes
Franz Xaver Gruber
Find out about the story behind the song.
"Silent Night" was written by Joseph Franz Mohr in Austria. The music was composed by Franz Xaver Gruber.
In Austria "Silent Night" is heard on the radio for the first time on Christmas Eve and repeated hourly.

December 5, is known as Krampus Day. Krampus is a very bad spirit usually dressed in frightening fur. He looks very ugly. He has long red tongue and makes a lot of noise rattling chains. He reminds the children to be good.

Children write letters to the Christkindl, the Christ Child, for the presents they would like. They leave the letters on the window sill for the Christkindl to collect.

Christmas Trees ('Christbaums') are put up and decorated on Christmas Eve.

In Austria, Christkindl, or the Christ Child, brought gifts to children on Christmas Eve. Christkindl is depicted as a child riding a mule and was believed to enter homes through keyholes.

In the evening, on Christmas Eve, people in Austria exchange gifts with family and friends and the children open their presents from the Christkindl

Christmas Day is spent visiting friends and family.

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Snowman Waving From the Top of The World My vote is to have Christmas traditions all year round. You see at Christmas time most people at least the ones I have met, always change just a little for the better around Christmas. I do not know whether or not it is the great yuletide Christmas carols, the festive atmosphere everywhere you go, or just some hidden part in all of us that screams out,
You see, somewhere deep down inside we all believe in something better than we now have or see, and most of us feel a lot better when we help someone. Whether the person is in need or not, this feeling is what I call the feeling of Christmas, and we all should strive to feel this way all year long.

The feeling of the Christmas holidays is truly all about family, friends and celebrating all things good.

The Lord's birthday is swiftly coming
Christmas carols we're merrily humming,
Adoration and harmony spreads worldwide
As we eagerly await the happy Yuletide.

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